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$60 Diy Shoulder Bag

My old Vivitar backback has suffered a slow and painful death, and the dividers in it were useless long ago. It was also a hassle to lug around weddings and shoots. I needed a simple and compact way to tow my gear around weddings and portrait shoots, and something lightweight for when I’m one-man-banding a film session with a corporate client. If you’ve looked into purchasing a camera bag before, you’ll know that popular offerings from Shoot Sac and similar vendors run upwards of $130+. My solution? $60


I’m sorry for the rather long video, but by now you have to know I like to talk. For those that want a quicker rundown…

The Bag

Rapid Dominance Bag
BBP Divider 

What it can fit

Canon 6D with 70-200 F4 IS

2 Yongnuo Speed Lights (These are an awesome value at $70/each!)

Canon 50 1.4

Batteries, Quick Release Plates, and SD cards in the zippered pockets on the outside.

MarkIII and 24-105 with only one Speed Light in the kit.

Rode VideoMic Pro


The Cons

The flap over the bag is quite long, and the strap isn’t the most comfortable in the world (and you can’t remove it). Beyond that, it needs some additional padding (soft foam from your favorite craft store), and you’re all set.

The Pros

Tons of space, a great price, and an inconspicuous style.



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This “Post Office” shoulder pad would be a good solution to providing some extra padding.